The Do’s And Don’ts: If Your Partner Is A Gambling Addict

Addiction has no bounds. It can take a person to some dark stages and some unforeseen ends.

If your spouse is feeling the urge to gamble, it is completely normal because they are detoxing from their addiction. If they are irritated by you, you should not take it personally because they have a certain amount of cravings that they are not able to fulfil. They have nothing against you personally. They know that you are trying to help. Their anger, anxiety, stress and other mental health issues are working against them when they are trying to work against their gambling addiction. You need to stay by their side and deal with their issues no matter what. Addiction has been known to bring out the worst in some individuals, and you need to be prepared for that.


Make sure that they postpone or completely forget any urge to gamble. Take up all of their time, even though they might resist. Make sure that they feel occupied. It would help if you distracted them with some activities. Start a hobby with them. Go to the gym with them or watch a couple of movies on Netflix with them. Cook them their favourite meal or take them out of fancy dinner. I have also seen that taking a couple’s vacation together to a beach destination, preferably a country where gambling is illegal, has helped a lot. So many individuals have actually come back with a completely different mindset once they came back from their vacation.

If the addiction is severe, they need to be taken to a gambling addiction Rehabilitation Centre which will help them with depression, anxiety, OCD, stress, ADHD and all other kinds of afflictions related to gambling addiction.


You should start by helping yourself, and you should be in the right mind state to help them. Even if they are lashing out at you, you should not lash back at them. It is possible that this issue could dominate your life. You should not ignore the fact that it is very time consuming and something that is going to require a lot of effort from your end. You should not let yourself get burnt out because that person will need you.

You should make sure that you never go at it alone. Even though you’re helping your spouse or your partner get over their addiction, you need help yourself. Sometimes it works if both of you help each other. A lot of times, you can fall back on a trusted friend or family member. Reaching out for support with trusted individuals will certainly help you quite a bit.

You should also know how you handle money from your partner who is facing a gambling problem. Make sure that you do not get manipulated by them if they ask for money.

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